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Light it up.
Tidy up. Cozy up. Cover it up. Freshen up. Glam it up.
                   We get you.



There's enough waste in our world. 
If you have yet to repurpose your candle vessel, then let us give it new life!
Return 7 Woodsy candle vessel to our Home-store location and receive a 4 pack of assorted Tiny Lights

($24 value).

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Woodsy candles are clean-burning, are made with wood wicks that crackle, and a soy-base for a long burn time and a healthier alternative to the synthetic paraffin wax candles on the modern market.
Made by hand in small batches, we use high quality essential and fragrance oils to create the unique and beautiful blends of fragrances that are encapsulated in each candle vessel.


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Whether it's running after our littles, or running to an office, coming home to prepare a meal or leaving again to the next activity...this is real life.

This is our family life too. And I want to add something to the beauty that is home life.


 Whether it’s a candle, handmade with passion to warm your space, an apron that covers that adorable blouse as you make and create, or a fragrance that makes an embrace linger.

I want to provide you with my favourites, hoping they will soon be your favourites.


Woodsy is committed to offering creation that brings style, comfort and purpose into the everyday home life. 


Welcome to Woodsy, I’m so glad you’re here. 

xo Irene


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